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Psychic Medium
Psychic Medium

I have developed my mediumship over a number of years. It naturally developed through my Reiki as I became more and more attuned to the energy. I found that spirit took the opportunity to pass messages to their loved ones, i now have the ability to connect with them through other methods. I have done many readings over the past few years. probably in excess of 2000. a combination of angel cards and tea leaf readings or to give it the correct name, Tasseography. When you drink a cup of tea your energy is transferred to the cup and I use that energy to interpret the pattern of tea leaves in the cup and to conect with spirit.

There are many ways to connect with your loved ones in spirt and I have found that I am clairsentient where I feel and sense spirit, clairaudient, where I hear what spirits have to say, clairvoyant, where I see spirit, I have often seen spirit enter the room with someone coming for a reading. Having a reading is not a scary experience, it is a comforting one. It is just connecting with energy. When we shed the physical body. our spirit or soul moves on to the next part of their journey. They are simply on a higher vibration. I am lucky enough to be able to raise my vibration to a sufficient level and they can lower theirs so we can connect and communicate. It really is as simple as that. It is always a positive experience, whether it brings comfort or guidance regarding a difficult situation. I always trust spirit to give people what they need.

I am available for individual readings in my home or can come to you. Group bookings are also welcome. I can cater for larger numbers as I have other talented medium friends who I can call on to work with me. Charity events or psychic fayres can also be catered for.

I am also available to do readings over Skype, so distance is not a barrier.

If you would like to discuss any prospective reading or you feel you would like a reading but are a bit nervous or concerned. then please don't hesitate to contact me. I really want to make it as pleasant experience as possible.

Readings are £35 and last between 45 minutes and an hour.

Please contact me regarding psychic parties or events.

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West Lothian
Phone: 07869 148543

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